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Toyota has shown the production version of the Crown Estate concept we saw last year, back when the Toyota Crown family was introduced.

I always thought the wagon (Estate) was the best-looking version. Followed maybe by the Toyota Crown Sport SUV we saw just a few days ago. The wagon looks much better than the Toyota Grand Highlander or the Lexus TX. It’s a simpler and classier design than both.

This should have been the Grand Highlander. Or sold here instead of the Grand Highlander, if they really wanted to sell the idea of that “Crown” sub-brand. I don’t see any place for this between the Grand Highlander and the Lexus TX, but who knows?

There’s no real reason for the Crown we have over here, to begin with, so why not…

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  1. IMO Toyota seems to be where Honda was ca. 2008 – tons of Yes-men all jostling for position, and all sorts of bad decisions being made to an individual’s benefit…not the product line’s. Mistake 1 – trying to start this sub-brand of Crown. Its just their inability to reconcile Lexus with the fact that they’ve had a Toyota-named bespoke luxury vehicle named “Crown”. So its nothing but stroking Mr.Toyoda’s corporate ego. Mistake 2 – This MIGHT be a better design than the US Crown, but its a mish-mash of styles and not enough editing: Lexus lower front bumper; Hammerhead upper front bumper; floating 2nd color roof so it doesn’t look like the Corolla Cross; mis-aligned character lines; same old SUV rear from 2010. Mistake 3 – Just another cheap, old-looking Toyota interior, with some leather thrown on it. Mistake 4 – Toyota really should be reducing their overall product line as they push for greater integration of electrification, not expanding it. Lastly, I love wagons, but THIS Isn’t it. I dont think CROWN in any form will be around in 10 years. My $0.04 worth.

  2. I like both the wagon and suv version better than our Crown version in the US. If only wagons sold better in our market.

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