2024 Dacia Duster.

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Dacia is a “low-cost” European brand originally from Romania, now owned by Renault. (since 1999)

The first generation Duster was introduced in late 2009. As an inexpensive SUV available in 2WD or AWD. Based on Renault’s B platform it was actually related to the Nissan Versa and the old Juke.

A second generation came out in 2017 and was based on the same platform. Things have to be cheap…

Now the rest of the world (The Duster is sold in over 40 countries around the planet) is eagerly waiting for a brand new generation, which will be larger than ever. It will also ride on an updated platform shared with the 2nd generation Nissan Juke and Renault Captur among others.

And look! It will have Gold mirrors! Which is quite baffling. It seems while gold trim and wheels mean “Sporty” to Subaru, it actually conveys an off-road lifestyle for Dacia…

I’m not sure how Renault could sell this over here, maybe as a cheap Nissan? But it looks quite nice and there’s always a need for inexpensive and decent-looking crossovers.

A compact off-road SUV sold as a new Nissan X-Terra could maybe work in North America. It would give Nissan a new model to go against the Bronco Sport and the upcoming compact Land Cruiser from Toyota.

Current second-generation Dacia Duster.

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