2025 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ.

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This is another illustration of what a smaller compact Toyota Land Cruiser FJ could look like. And it does match pretty well the silhouette we saw as a teaser during the launch of the 2024 Land Cruiser a few weeks ago.

Bellow the new 2024 Land Cruiser, there will be an all-new generation Toyota 4-Runner, and this new little guy should be even smaller. With a retro design reminiscent of the Land Cruiser as well as the FJ Cruiser. The new model would be an obvious competitor to the Ford Bronco Sport. Chevrolet has nothing like this currently and their old “Trailblazer” and “Blazer” names are already being used for family crossovers. Nothing like the Bronco Sport or Land Cruiser. Jeep doesn’t have anything either. While they do offer the Compass, Cherokee, and Renegade, none of these have a cool retro design like the Ford or the Toyota.

Like most people, I never drive off-road but I realize how appealing these trucky retro designs are. I actually love them. The retro style is a wonderful way to add a huge dose of personality to any car or truck. The new 2024 Land Cruiser looks great and will probably be quite a hit for Toyota. A smaller and much cheaper new model would appeal to many more. While hybrid is standard on the new Land Cruiser, no PHEV is available. It’s not too crazy to imagine the smaller Land Cruiser FJ could also come standard with a hybrid powertrain just like the 2025 Camry, and probably the next-generation Rav-4.

I actually can’t wait to see this…

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