2025 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ.

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2025 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ illustration.

It’s no secret Toyota is coming up soon with a smaller off-road model that will compete against the Ford Bronco Sport.

We have seen a glimpse of it at the 2024 Land Cruiser launch event a few weeks ago. The screen behind the Land Cruiser also showed what at the time was considered another mystery new model, which turned out to be the Land Cruiser SE concept. That means the other smaller one could also still be a concept when we finally see it.

The illustration on top shows what a possible production version could look like.

Back in 2021, Toyota showed us this really cute and great-looking Compact Cruiser concept. Something that was believed to be an upcoming new compact off-road EV, since it was introduced as part of a huge Toyota EV event. There has been no news about it since, although the car in the teaser at the Land Cruiser event does look a lot like it. However, the teaser obviously looks a bit different.

It’s all a mystery. The production version will probably be a hybrid, just like the Land Cruiser and most new Toyota models. You would think a PHEV would be a possibility, but they don’t even offer that option on the 2024 Camry or the new Crown Signia (At least not yet).

However, an EV is still a possibility since the new compact shared the teaser screen with the Land Cruiser SE which is an electric SUV.

Who knows… At this point in our lives, anything is possible…

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  1. I believe this will be a hybrid-only affair. From what I read in BestCar from Japan, it is on a miniaturized version of the truck platform used now in a few things. Should definitely have more ground clearance and better angles than the bad AI illustration!

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