2025 Toyota Crown Signia.

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What is known as the “Toyota Crown Estate” overseas will be sold in the US as the “Crown Signia”. Which has to be the stupidest name ever…

Really, “Signia” means nothing to anyone. This should have been a “Camry Cross”. Just use the super popular name you already have instead of some stupid new designation.

Besides the moronic name, I think the new Toyota SUV looks really nice. And yes, almost like a wagon (estate), which is quite refreshing. I am not sure where this will fit in the current lineup since it doesn’t officially seem to be replacing anything. Although it is pretty close in size to the Highlander, and that could soon mean adios to the smaller 3-row SUV. Although with only 5 seats, the new model won’t really be replacing it. It will be more like a “Super Venza”.

The current Highlander starts at around $39 000 while the Crown sedan is priced from $40 000. It’s hard to say where the new Crown Signia will fit in. Obviously above the Venza, but by how much?

The new SUV comes with standard Hybrid and AWD with an estimated 36MPG combined. But a PHEV isn’t part of the North American lineup, even though it is offered in the markets. Another big mistake in my opinion.

At least it looks good and I think the interior looks great. It will be available in either XLE or Limited versions. 19-inch wheels and a rather basic 6-speaker stereo come standard in the XLE, while dark 21-inch wheels with a glass roof and an 11-speaker JBLL system are standard in the Limited. (It would be nice to have the JBL/Sunroof option on the XLE available, in order to avoid the ghastly black wheels from the Limited model )

I wonder how popular it will be, as it seems larger mid-sized 5-seater SUVs are not in favor these days, like the Chevrolet Blazer or Nissan Murano. (Although Nissan is working on a next-generation Murano for some reason)

At least, it looks good.

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  1. “Camry Cross”. Exactly. I’m kind of done with this Crown BS. They’re just trying to upsell within the Toyota line. Had Toyota been smart, they would have pulled a 1-2 punch on Honda by giving the Camry this front end and taillight treatment to make its redesign more current, instead of the geriatric reskin they just unveiled.

  2. There’s a video of a Toyota rep stating that the Signia is a Venza replacement. 2024 will be the last year of the Venza in the US.

  3. The Venza has 4-way lumbar, but Toyota decided on only using 2-way in their Crown Signia. This baffles me because it’s such a minor, inexpensive thing but it makes a huge difference in being able to get a perfect seating position.

  4. I really like the look and size of this thing, but I wonder if Toyota is sacrificing Lexus sales to make Toyota products look more modern and upscale. All these new Toyotas look good, but every one of them reminds more of a Lexus than a Toyota. So how are they going to differentiate these product lines when they look so similar?

  5. Despite ongoing news of it’s death, the the Ford Edge is still alive for at least another year and I swear I see them everywhere, so maybe there is a market for this car? If it’s even money, I think this will be a tough competition for the Edge.

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