Toyota Crown SUV.

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With this new teaser, we now know for sure what the new “mystery’ Toyota SUV will be: a Toyota Crown.

No surprise here since we saw it last year when Toyota showed us all upcoming Crown models. Including the Japanese market sedan and another SUV called the “Crown Sport“. The one we are getting here was labeled “Crown Estate” back then. Estate means wagon and that’s a big no for the North American market. That also means we’re probably not getting the smaller “sport” SUV over here. Unless Toyota decides to truly go nuts and offer yet another SUV-type vehicle in the US. And why not…

The “Estate/SUV” was, in my opinion, the best-looking of all the Crown versions we saw last year. Ans I’m glad they decided to bring it over, although I’m not sure where it’ll fit in Toyota’s current lineup.

The current “Crown” we have over here already starts at over $ 40,000. The Toyota Venza starts at $35 000 and the Highlander at $39 000. Although the “Crown Estate” seats only 5. And is quite large at around 190 inches long. Although, it’s just about 3 inches longer than the Venza and I wonder if the new model will be replacing the Venza in the US. With only 25,000 sold this year so far, the Vena isn’t such a big hit for Toyota. A roomier “Crown SUV” could be more attractive to many. Especially since it could be offered as a Hybrid and PHEV, and it actually looks like a modern Toyota instead of a Lexus from a few years ago. Plus, at a higher price, Toyota will make more money on it.

Come to think of it, the new Crown SUV actually looks more like a modern version of the original Venza anyway…

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  1. I dont get it. Crown anything is just a Toyota vanity project, particularly when they already have a RAV4 PHEV wtih a 2 yr waiting list they no longer intend to fill. Make Akio happy, make a cash grab. More dull design and ugly interior plastics. Yet Toyota keeps introducing more and more new models that look exactly like the old models.

  2. Toyota is overloaded with models now. They’re slicing the pie to thin. They should concentrate on producing more vehicles that customers want, get them to the US dealers so they have the inventory on the lots and price them, especially the hybrids, so people can actually afford to buy them. The industry as a whole is about to cause themselves some real problems with these insane prices.

  3. I am trying to find a hybrid Grand Highlander.
    Dealers have very few, none for most. Why does Toyota offer another option when they can’t supply current offerings?

  4. I was a previous generation Venza and liked it very much. Was excited about the new generation Venza until I saw it and realized how small it was. I feel it missed the mark and the market in many way and didnt seem to ‘fit’ the original Venzas placement (ie that cross between a Camry and Highlander)….I agree with your comment “to think of it, the new Crown SUV actually looks more like a modern version of the original Venza anyway…” which is what I was thinking as well.

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