2025 Toyota Camry.

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The new image on top looks pretty realistic to me. Showing what the new 2025 Toyota Camry will look like.

While I’m not sure what it’s actually based on, it does match the other photos/teasers I posted recently. The bottom pic is an official teaser from Toyota. Although the mirrors don’t really match the new photo. The front LEDs are also different from the official teaser.

Everything so far seems to point to way to a conservative redesign of the Camry. This is expected since the car is still very popular. Something pleasant and classy will have no problem beating the new Honda Accord in the looks department.

Something like the top image would be quite attractive to customers as well as people shopping for a better-looking sedan than the new Accord. I truly think the Accord will feel the squeeze from the 2025 Toyota Camry.

On another note, I do think the new Camry should have a standard Hybrid powertrain with a PHEV option from day one. It would give quite an edge to Toyota’s best-selling sedan. I actually think all Toyota models in the US should have a standard Hybrid with a PHEV option. This would make up (a little bit) for the lack of EVs in their lineup.

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  1. “On another note, I do think the new Camry should have a standard powertrain.”

    Yeah, I’d hope it comes with an engine of some sort standard lol. Missing some words there…

  2. The real issue is going to be whether the gaping maw seen on the Crown makes its way to the Camry. If it does, its going to look refreshed, but still old. Sitting next to an Accord, that may not be in its favor. Luckily, we only have hours to find out.

  3. I will have to disagree about the standard hybrid powertrain, unless they are making a non-hybrid version. The hybrid and electric only units are not a long-term viable option for me. The cost to replace the batteries later down the road is too high, and from an environmental side it is actually causing more harm to Earth with these powertrain options in the construction side of things despite what spin is being put on it.

  4. EV haters still spewing the false narratives of the cost of battery replacement or the detrimental environmental cost to make, mine, and dispose of those said batteries. Then worse try to spin their spin by arguing the truth which all experts have disproven all their arguments from facts when the first Nissan leaf was launched in 2004. Sorry EV owners will not have to change a battery before an ICE owner will have to do major engine work. Valve work, top end rebuild. Let’s not include routine maintenance that EV’s do t have. Oil changes, radiator mai tenancy and anti freeze. Less brake fluid flush and brake pad replacement. No time ups. Etc. All this the reason auto makers hate EV’s because they don’t make bank off of fixing or repairing ICE cars. Most bstteries at end of life get recycled for rare minerals or refurbished and used I. Other battery storage aspects like wind farms and solar farms. So quit your Trump narrative of lies about EV’s)or his other lies in General)🤣

  5. Bought a 2014 Camery hybrid for about $1300 over ice version. Gas savings made-up the difference in 3 years. Year 8,115k mile hybrid dies. Toyota wanted $5500 to replace. An engine rebuild would be less. I’ll never buy a hybrid again.

  6. Please Toyota do much better that Honda Accords blandness. Some States as Louisiana we do not have infrastructure for EV vehicles so please provide a hybrid similar to RAV4 Prime

  7. I hope it doesn’t look like this ! Looks like a bigger version of the Corolla . The grille needs to be revised

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