2025 Toyota Camry.

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The top photo is supposedly an upcoming teaser for the all-new 2024 Toyota Camry. The new Camry will be unveiled this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show, so this isn’t some super early fantastic scoop. Still, if real, it is quite disappointing.

It seems to look a lot like the current model (middle photo). Although obviously not the exact same exact car. It looks like the new Camry will be an evolution of the current model, which is still very popular (with almost 250,000 of them sold so far this year). I guess, unlike the 2023 Prius, they don’t really need to reinvent the wheel here, and a conservative evolution was the chosen path.

There is still hope for a good-looking sedan. A redesign could still look much better than the new Honda Accord. And the interior could also look much better than the Honda, which wouldn’t be that hard to do. No matter what it looks like, a new Camry is always a big deal. With millions of them on the roads and tons of repeat customers. Let’s hope it’s at least modern enough to make the current one look really old… Something the 2023 Accord was not able to do.

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  1. Disappointing but not unexpected from Toyota. They rarely completely redesign. Toyota reskins all the time. That means the interior and the drivetrain need to take a big step forward. As for the Honda Accord, I think Honda’s in big trouble there. Motor Trend called it when they referred to it as “derpy” and plain. And its the one Honda that seems to have no problem finding inventory on their lots. Considering it just came out, that’s an issue. The CRV looks better, but has the same problems inside, and there’s also plenty of those on the lot. You know what Honda can’t keep on their lots: Odysseys, Civics, HRVs, Pilots which dont look so bland outside or cheap inside. Houston, we have a problem. I think Toyota is going to eat their lunch with all these new offerings.

  2. Absolute bullshit comment. Accords and CRVs come in reserved and fly off the lot quickly. Open your eyes, Assnonymous

  3. This is not the real new camry. Doesn’t equate to the other spy photos for one. For two, if it is I think we should boycott the camry. It’s hideous. Back tot he old ways for camry if this is true. So so disappointing. I have a 2022 and was so ready to buy the new one if it kept up with the rest of the line ups amazing new designs. UGLY

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