2025 Toyota 4-Runner.

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2025 Toyota 4-Runner illustration

Toyota will have quite a busy year in 2024. The “new” 2025 Camry will arrive at dealerships next spring. A new generation RAV-4 is also due to be revealed at around the same time.

There is also talk about a compact more rugged new SUV model, inspired by the new 2024 Land Cruiser. (Also arriving at dealers in early spring). But of course, there will also be a new generation Toyota 4-Runner.

No info is available yet but it’s not hard to guess it could be related to the new 2024 Tacoma. And that will mean a new look, but nothing too modern. And nothing too retro either since that’s the job of the new Land Cruiser. It also means, no more V6. It will be replaced by the new 2.4 Liter i-Force Max Hybrid powertrain we see in the 2024 Tacoma. With a 2.4 Liter Turbo standard.

The current generation came out in 2009, almost 15 years ago. And yet over 121,000 of them were sold last year. It is so popular and hard to get that some slightly used models are sold for more than new ones.

I can see why Toyota is in no hurry to replace it. But 15 years is 15 years… Plus, they will soon not manufacture any V6 engines anymore and everything must at least have a Hybrid option these days.

As I said, this will be a very busy year for Toyota. And that’s without including their upcoming EV models…

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  1. They need to make sure they continue the signature rear quarter window. Making it look like a bigger RAV4 is not a good idea.

  2. They need to make sure that the sunroof is still over the driver and the rear window rolls down for it to be a proper 4Runner. I’m very optimistic that this next ostensibly hybridized 4Runner will be a great vehicle for the kinds of things people who do go off road do use it for.

  3. Now that the Land Cruiser is sharing platforms with the Lexus GX instead, it should be interesting to see how much more truck-focused they can make the 4Runner.

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