2025 Toyota Camry XSE

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For the 2025 model year, the cheesy-looking two-tone XSE version of the Toyota Camry returns. Of course, it is now a hybrid model only with no V6 available.

The ghastly red interior is also back on the menu. As you can see when compared to the current version, it is actually pretty hard to tell which one is new. Only current owners will be able to tell the new 2025 Toyota Camry from the previous version. As most of the car is exactly the same as before. Which is really a missed opportunity.

Yes, the interior looks very new, but not very modern or pleasant. It seems Toyota seems to think the lazy effort will keep sales at around 300,000 a year no matter what, and they might be right. many current owners might be fooled into thinking this is a new generation and worth the upgrade and more monthly payments.

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  1. The C Pillar is different that I can tell. But only 7 hp difference between the 2 engines? Hopefully the 232 hp is severely underrated.

  2. Its a MMC, it was strongly rumored to be a MMC. Don’t know why everyone was thinking it was going to be new. It will sell, and its mostly paid for, this segment is loosing the H/K twins and the Altima soon.

  3. They might as well have kept the same 2018 Camry through 2030 at this point it was still selling strong after 7 years. I guess they needed a reason for current owners to “upgrade” to this red rear turn signal farce.

  4. @4XForward – They did. It didn’t cost them much for this refresh. And the updates will be in drivetrain efficiency (and increased transaction prices – which is what they wanted).

  5. This is the top sport model, but I’m going to give Toyota one prop – I’ve rented Camrys and thought they were total s**t, especially the interiors. They really did improve the interior. Otherwise…. :/

  6. The AWD option is back and may be appealing to some current and new owners. There are minor exterior and interior changes. I owned a 2019 Camry and, although the interior is slightly changed, I like it

  7. With the lack of a fun drive train… This is an easy no decision…. I have been waiting but now it seems a new K5 GT is going to be on order….

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