HWE Elecro Puzzle EV.

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This new Japanese tiny van is somehow scheduled to be sold in the US starting in 2025.

The Puzzle comes with solar panels and has an electric range of 125 miles. At 133 inches long it is quite tiny. That is about 20 inches shorter than a Mazda Miata or a Mini Cooper!

This will definitely not make a cool little camper van. The Kei-sized EV commercial van will probably mostly be used as a city delivery van in the US.

No matter what, it will be fun to see something that small and that modern-looking driving around. 25 miles around town is plenty for local deliveries or small repairs. Or maybe this will end up just being way too small for the US market. A longer version of the same thing would actually have more chance over here…

It reminds me a bit of what Syd Mead would have designed for J.F Sebastian in Blade Runner.

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