2025 Kia EV3.

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Kia is very hard at work on the upcoming EV3 compact EV. We saw the concept preview just a few weeks ago and the production model looks very close to the show car.

Changes will of course be made for production, the most obvious one in these photos being the rear doors. The concept doesn’t show any door handles while the production model does. The rear door handles on the production car seem to be integrated into a very thick and rather cheap-looking black plastic trim. The Kia Niro has some thick plastic there too, but it doesn’t include the door handle and is quite thinner. This alone could make the new Kia EV3 look pretty cheap in real life. The rest of the car being completely covered it’s hard to tell anything…

Inside, seems already look very different from the concept. Of course, the concept was pretty futuristic but it seems very little of it is left in the production car. The seats seem to be the same as in almost every other current Kia model, and the door panels are nothing like the ones in the concept. This is really too bad, as the Kia EV3 looked like something that could compete with the super stylish Volvo EX30. But the production prototype already sends a much cheaper vibe than the Volvo. Of course, it’s way too early to tell, but I don’t think it will be as nice as the EX30. At all.

Pricing could be tricky for Kia as well. Since the Niro EV seems to be the same size and starts at a crazy $ 39,600. Which is only $3000 less than the Kia EV6. And also about $3000 more than the Volvo EV30. Where does the EV3 fit in all this? It would have to be much cheaper than the Niro EV to have a chance. The new Niro is OK, but it doesn’t really have a fancy or upscale interior. It’s nothing like the Volvo EX 30 inside, for $3000 more…

It seems the eEV3 could replace the Niro EV when it comes out, although the current Niro EV just came out.

Who knows…

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