2025 Mazda CX-3.

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While it looks pretty realistic, the illustration above of a next-generation Mazda CX-3 doesn’t make much sense.

The current CX-3 was discontinued in the US a couple of years ago and was basically replaced by the roomier and more expensive Mazda CX-30. The CX-3 was heavily based on the older Mazda 2 hatchback, another discontinued model. It is actually possible Mazda could be working on something smaller than the current Mazda CX-30 for other markets, but we probably won’t be seeing it over here.

Mazda designs have been pretty generic lately, although they’ve had so few new models in the past few years, that it’s hard to tell where they are going. It seems they’ve had the same design language for many years now and their latest SUVs look pretty heavy-handed and bloated.

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  1. I dont doubt there will be a redesign to the CX-3. But, it wont come here. Mazda still manufactures the CX-3 and the Mazda 2 hatch for Japan, Asia, Europe and other countries, where they compete against other super-mini category entrants. There’s even a 2 hybrid. The 2 sedan however is no more, even in Japan though. It was available until the agreement by Mazda to provide it to Toyota (which was sold here in the US) as the Toyota Yaris IA but was discontinued about 3 yrs ago. Once Mazda’s partnership with Toyota for hybrid tech& PHEV pushes through the entire lineup, the prior 1st gen hybrids will get revised and redesigned.

  2. Yes, CX is right. I love zippy cars and was all hot for the Mazda 2 hatch before it was sold in the US an ugly-faced Toyota.

    I get damp in the diapers dreaming of a new Prius with Mazda style and suspension tuning.

  3. the CX-3 and Mazda 2 hatch (with optional hybrid drivetrains) are still made in Japan for other markets, as their super mini entrants. I think they will be updated, but not for us.

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