Acura ZDX video.

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I think the new Acura ZDX is quite an impressive vehicle in person.

It looks much more interesting than the rather bland Honda Prologue, but much cleaner and original than the new Chevrolet Blazer EV. The interior of the Chevrolet is almost overdone, while the Acura offers a more grown-up vibe. However, it doesn’t offer Acura’s great wood trim in any of its models (Type-S and A-spec), which is too bad. And might make the interior feel a little underwhelming for the price. Which at over $60 000 to start, is pretty high. The 500 HP Type-S version shown in the video will start at over $ 70,000.

The ZDX and Prologue will both qualify for federal incentives, which will help a bit. That could mean a starting price of around $ 50,000 after all incentives. Which is not that much more than the Acura RDX, especially the A-Spec version also starting at $ 50,000.

There is no real base model for the new ZDX since the lineup starts with the A-Spec model, with one motor, 340HP, and a 325-mile range. You can of course get a dual motor set up and lose only 10 miles of range. The Type-S version gets 500HP and a 288-mile range.

I guess if Acura chooses to offer a real base model later for a few thousand less, it might actually match the 2024 RDX base price after incentives.

The video above shows the top-of-the-line Type-S version in a pretty loud gold color, that I actually kind of liked. At least on the show floor.

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