Honda Prelude “Concept”.

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Seeing the new Honda Prelude concept at the recent Los Angeles auto show came as a surprise.

Especially, since so many brands didn’t even show up. Honda was there in full force (as well as Acura), with a new Prologue on the show floor. And they even brought the Prelude concept from Japan.

As I mentioned before, the car looks much better in person, even in the super bland white color. The only bits that seem to allow it to be called a “concept”, are the various carbon fiber parts sprinkled all over, especially the top. And the 20-inch black wheels just look a bit too big for the car.

As we already know, the new Prelude will be a hybrid that will probably use the same powertrain as the Honda Accord Hybrid and CR-V Hybrid. It is based on the same platform as the Civic hatchback and Acura Integra.

From what we saw before, it seems the interior will be very similar to the Civic and Integra. Which isn’t that great, but expected. The Prelude is also a hatchback, which, I think, is a first for the Prelude lineup.

I would think pricing will be a bit above the Cicic. (a Hybrid Cicic is coming soon to the US). And probably similar to the base version of the Interga, since Hybrid could be standard on the Prelude.

No matter what, a new coupe is something to celebrate.

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