2025 Honda Prelude

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This shows us what the production version of the new 2025 Honda Prelude could look like.

A more basic version than the sportier-looking concept we saw just a few days ago. With smaller wheels and no spoiler.

As we know, technically, the new Prelude will be a 2 door hybrid version of the Acura Integra, with its own design. By the time it comes out later next year, the Civic will be available in the US with a Hybrid powertrain. Which probably be the same as the Prelude. The new Prelude will in effect replace the old Civic coupe. Something Honda said had to be canceled with the current generation due to poor sales.

It’ll be interesting to see if a name change, a hatchback, and a hybrid powertrain will be enough to turn things around.

While it is a much cleaner design than the last generation Civic Coupe, I still think Honda should have put more effort into the new Prelude. And just like the Integra, the interior will also probably be very close to the Civic.

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  1. This design is clean but doesn’t remind me much of a Prelude, which I miss since I owned 2 generations of it. In fact it looks more like a Toyota Prius, which is also a very attractive car.

  2. That shape and design has a strong Nissan Z vibe going on. I sure hope the production version ends up a bit different.

  3. Didn’t Honda learn from the last vehicle they tried to revive the CRX aka CRZ? A hybrid hatch is not what consumers want or JDM Honda fans. This model needs 20 inch wheels and low profile lights. Not a Integra look a like. Oh real Honda fans don’t buy odd Gen Civics

  4. Why dont they get it? We dont want a dumb hybrid especially in a prelude. It needs to be a high performance combustion engine with a manual transmission. They just gonna under perform in sales again.

  5. This looks too much like what you’d expect a new Civic Coupe to look like. I cold get on board with a Prelude EV coupe, but if all we are talking about is a hybrid “Civic” coupe with likely a CVT transmission, I don’t have any interest in it.

  6. The rear looks Pontiac G6 to me. I just applaud a coupe coming to (hopefully) fruition. Not all drivers want a sedan or SUV.

  7. I had a ’95 Prelude which I finally traded in for a Saab, because I wanted a sedan for family sake. In eight years, I only changed the timing belt and a burned out lightbulb. My two cents about this latest offering is that it should be bigger inside than an Integra coupe would have been. My old one was based on the Accord platform. If you want to build an Integra coupe, build one.

  8. It looks like a Civic. Not a bad thing but for some reason car manufacturers want all their cars to look exactly the same instead of giving them unique designs. And for a sports car, I think Honda should at least offer a gas version with a clutch.

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