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This is strictly for the huge amount of fans of the Toyota bZ4X out there.

These photos show the newly released Chinese market version with painted fenders. They match the rest of the body color and give the Toyota EV a bit of a new look I guess. I’m not really sure but I don’t think this is an available choice in North America or Europe. Unless it might be soon. The bZ4X went on sale in China last year at a starting price of about $ 29, 000. Which later dropped to $ 25,000. Toyota is currently not doing great in China. Price drops, layoffs, and a local recall are just bad news.

In the US, the bZ4X isn’t doing great either. (Although sales have doubled in Q3 of this year) . But they still only sold around 9000 so far in 2023. At $ 42,000 to start it is actually a well-equipped EV with a standard panoramic sunroof and a 252-mile range isn’t great but it’s not that terrible. Especially when the car becomes compatible with the NACS Tesla charging system. Currently, the base XLE model is available with a $389 a month lease with $3000 doesn’t which is pretty good for a $42 000 car. A Kia EV6 is offered with a $ 399-a-month lease with $5000 down.

Its biggest competition is still is, and will be for years, the Tesla Model Y. Currently offered at $44 000. The extra $2000 over the Toyota gives you a loaded acr including a fantastic 14-speaker audio system. The current lease on the Model Y RWD is $399 a month with $4500 down.

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  1. Thank goodness. They are learning their lesson that those stupid black fenders do NOT look good. They changed it on the UX last year as well.

  2. I’m getting a bit of a Corolla Cross vibe, with a slanted rear hatch instead of a vertical one. But its better.

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