Zeekr CM2e.

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Chinese manufacturer Zeekr will soon introduce a new smaller minivan in China. Some of these will be self-driving robotaxis for Waymo and will actually end up in the US as part of the Waymo testing fleet.

While the other version will not have all the self-driving hardware and will be sold in China as a smaller Minivan, Zeekr already offers the Zeekr 009, which is also the base for the new Volvo EM90 minivan. Zeekr designers have made the new CM2e minivan look more like the recently introduced Zeekr 007 sedan. Especially the front end.

just like the 007 sedan, the new minivan looks really modern and quite minimalist. And just like the Zeekr X or 007, it might end up in Europe as well. Unless we see a Volvo version of this instead…

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