Zeekr 007 pricing.

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We saw the first official photos of the new Zeekr 007 EV sedan just a few days ago and we now have an idea of what it will cost, at least in China.

The new sedan will start at around $ 31,500 for the base model. And will go all the way up to a bit over $ 44,500 for the top-of-the-line version. Which is pretty expensive for the Chinese market where a Tesla Model 3 currently starts at $36 900. Competition is currently extremely fierce in China where there seem to be dozens of mid-sized sedan EVs available.

Even though Zeekr doesn’t sell cars in the US, I am very interested in the new 007 sedan since I have a theory in my head that it could become the base for a future Volvo EV sedan.

So far, all new Zeekr models like the 009 Minivan and X Compact crossover have a Volvo counterpart. As the Volvo EM90 and Volvo EX30(The Zeekr 001 doesn’t count since it started life as a Lynk & Co, another Geely-owned brand). I was unclear about Zeekr’s position in the Geely group, but it seems they are much more expensive than Volvos in Europe, where you can get a new Volvo EX30 for 36 800 Euros, while the Zeekr X starts at 46 000 Euros. That means a Volvo version of the new sedan would be quite a bit cheaper than the Zeekr 007.

A new Volvo EV sedan starting at around $ 40,000 or less would be very competitive over here. We don’t have any pricing for the VW ID.7 yet, but it won’t be cheap. The new Ioniq 6 now starts at $ 42,500 and the Tesla Model 3 at $ 39,000.

Of course, I don’t know anything about Volvo’s future plans, but I’m sure someone over there has also been thinking about it.

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