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Zeekr future SUV Illustration

Zeekr seems to be on a roll after the launch of the Zeekr X and the all-new Zeekr 007 sedan. While the 007 will be going after the Tesla Model 3, Zeekr is also working on a new SUV to compete with the Tesla Model Y. This seems pretty obvious since competing with the Model Y is what everyone and their cousin is doing these days.

The new SUV will share a platform and many parts with the new 007 sedan, which makes sense. I can also see a Volvo version of these two in the future, as a sedan and SUV. Since Geely owns both brands we already have a Volvo EX30 based on a Zeekr X.

Zeekr delivered around 71,000 cars in 2022 and is hoping to double that number this year. Then go all the way to 650,000 units in 2025, which would be quite an impressive growth. Competing with the 2 most popular EVs in the world will surely help . This and opening up to 6 new foreign markets by 2024.

China is the world’s largest market for the Model Y, with over 94,000 units sold there in Q1 2023, while 83 664 were sold in the US during that time. There are already so many Model Y competitors in China and the new Zeekr could have a tough time standing out. The EV price war is also much more punishing over there as well, with prices being slashed left and right.

This is a huge and very tough market, but it seems some of these new companies are doing quite well pretty quickly. While old dinosaurs like VW are having trouble keeping up…

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