2025 Volvo EM90 video.

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This is just an official short video from Volvo, showing off their new EM90 electric minivan. Something we will not be getting over here.

I just heard it might be priced at over $ 110,000 in China. I truly believe there is zero market for a $ 110,000 Chinese minivan from Volvo in North America, and probably in Europe as well. Although Lexus has just started selling their horrific-looking LM Minivan over there, so who knows…

Even though the new Volvo EM90 is basically a Zeekr 009, I think it does look quite nice and fancy. With a much friendlier face than the Zeekr version.

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  1. They know they have a problem. Absolutely no guts on their part showing the side profile of this thing. If they are that embarrassed, I doubt a potential buyer is going to think differently.

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