2024 Volvo EM90

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Just when you thought Volvo was actually coming up with a new minivan…

We’ve seen better photos of the “new” Volvo EM90 before, but these new super blurry shots confirm the sad news: the Volvo EM90 is actually a Chinese Zeekr 009 with a Volvo front end. There was a little hope about the interior being different, but no. From the photos above, it seems the dashboard in the Volvo might be a bit redesigned, but the rest of the interior is the same as the Zeekr.

I guess the Volvo might make it to Europe while the Zeekr stays in China. Is that why?

This type of vehicle seems really strange for the European market, but Lexus just launched their horrific-looking Lexus LM over there. I guess there is a bit of a market for high-end luxury vans over there. Plus, the Volvo is electric while the Lexus is just a hybrid.

At least the Zeekr X and Volvo EX30 look completely different from one another, although they are basically the same cars. The Volvo EM90 is quite another story.

This is another chapter in the history of super lazy designs.

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