2025 Dodge Charger EV.

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These are a couple of new photos of the upcoming new Dodge Charger EV. Or will it be the 2025 Challenger EV? Or, Charger Daytona EV like the concept? Who knows…

One of the photos posted just a few weeks ago showed the word “Daytona” molded into the rear number, below the science plate. This prototype doesn’t. This means it could just be a regular “Charger” or “Challenger”. So far all prototypes seen in photos are EVs. Even though there is still a rumor of an ICE version with a 6-cylinder turbo. I guess to please the old-fashioned crowd who enjoys the horrible noise these current super loud Challenger/Charger Demons make. (Probably the same groups who were lamenting the death of horse carriages, or CDs.)

For all others, the EVs will have more power than anyone on earth needs. Starting at 455HP for the base trim. All the way up to 670HP. And they are already talking about an even more powerful model with over 880HP.

Whatever they call it it will be quite interesting to see. So far, the prototypes we’ve seen have a strange handmade lack of quality feel to them. I guess these early pre-production cars are actually handmade… But they don’t look that great when compared to the stunning concept. Maybe better colors or wheels would improve things. It’s really hard to say what it is. Especially on these long lens distorted photos.

I still can’t wait to see it, and I’m really glad this car will actually see production…

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  1. “But they don’t look that great…” I agree and it is tough to figure out why. Could be the camera lens that is adding a distortion, or the fact that these prototypes look less sharp than the more crease lines of the concept. Those creases on the concept looked like a newly pressed suit which looked good. It could also be how this paint looks almost flat, while the concept was incredibly shiny and reflected everything around it. I want to like this car, but only “meh” at this point. They better not price it too high either – muscle cars have always been about attainable performance. Even the Hellcat (started at $70k) was relatively “cheap” for the power you got.

  2. It looks better with the metallic paint. Just thinking that most of these, because of the amount of instantly available torque and that much power, are going to end up in a junkyard within a year. Idiots with the 200hp base Integra can’t seem to keep from crashing their cars, and are constantly posting on chat groups to part out their cars. Imagine THIS thing with more power. No wonder no one has any money these days. The rate at which people end up swapping cars, wrecking their cars, etc… is astonishing to me.

  3. Vince – What is a “science plate?”

    One of the photos posted just a few weeks ago showed the word “Daytona” molded into the rear number, below the science plate.

  4. Looks old and retro. Not impressed after see so many other EV’S and concepts. It looks rushed, to get a NAME to market. So far Stellantis is missing opportunities remaining in the back of the pack. It list its leader status years ago. Not competitive in the new 21st century Era of EV’S.

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