2025 Dodge Charger Daytona.

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This new photo shows the rear view of the all-new 2025 Dodge Charger. It even shows the “Daytona” name on the rear bumper, so we know there is at least one version called “Daytona”. Will it be a Charger Daytona, Challenger Daytona, or even a Cuda Daytona, who knows?

The photo also appears to show the EV version. I guess we’ll have to wait for the official unveiling to see if an ICE model will also be available or not. Otherwise, the pre-production car still looks extraordinarily close to the 2022 Charger Daytona concept. There is the obvious addition of a B-pillar. which is fine. What is not fine is the cheesy and cheap-looking spoiler we see in the photo. These never look good on anything and basically ruin a great design. Let’s hope this is only an option. The super clean retro-futuristic design of the concept speaks for itself and doesn’t need anything that atrocious add-on.

Let’s also hope Dodge finds it in its heart to keep most of the concept’s interior. Which is just fine. Just like the exterior, that interior is so much better than the new Mustang… Of course, the ghastly super-bright ambient light would have to go. And we know the rear seats will be replaced by a more conventional bench, which is fine. As long as it folds flat, the new Charger could even become a fantastic camping companion. A 21st-century muscle car you can take on a road trip.

Another thing about camping. Let’s hope all manufacturers adopt something similar to Tesla‘s great “Camp mode” that allows the car to keep warm or cool all night. I know it’s also available from Rivian, but why not in every EV?

Just imagine, a new Dodge Charger with “Camp mode”…

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  1. The details of this car are really going to make or break it. From the limited amount of stuff I have seen, I am not loving it, but at the same time I am not hating it either. But a few awkwardly designed angles or a too-high price or some other disappointing feature and it could really make this car into a turd. I want to like it, but right now it is very iffy.

  2. The Charger should never have been a 4 door. That move was an insult to the model name. This version gives a nice nod of homage to the 2nd generation Charger. Owning a 68 and previously a 70, that makes me smile.
    I could not possibly care less about an EV version of anything. As others have said, the spoiler is ridiculous.
    I also shake my head when people keep bringing the possibility of a Dodge Cuda. Why? Plymouth is gone so let the Cuda name rest in peace. It’s bad enough that the current Challenger looks so much like a Cuda.

  3. Looks like a 4 door body side with a single loooooong door, it kinda sucks from the side angle image, that combined with electric power just sucks !

  4. I totally agree with that other opinion about an ev, as an “Ev Anything SUCKS” and I don’t care if i NEVER hear anything ever again about an “Ev Anything!!”☹️👎🙃

  5. I like the two door version. I like that it’s going to be an EV. I hope it has a respectable battery range. Get rid of some of those interior lights.

  6. Haha camp mode so does battery regenerate its self? How’s that supposed to work ummm usually when you go “camping” it’s out in the woods away from civilization meaning the “limited amount” of charging stations already. It’s just say to see Dodge, Chevy and Ford go EV our country CANT run on electric, it’s way to expensive for any middle class person, it’s ridiculously outrageous trying to find a charging station when going on a road trip somewhere. Dodge Motors you canceled the hemis and went full blast on EVs tisk tisk tisk way to be there for you customers after all we the people are what make YOU!

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