Honda e:NS2 & e:NP2.

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Honda is getting ready to launch two brand-new EV models in China. Or, as you can see, more like 2 versions of the same model.

We saw prototype versions of both the eNS2 and eNP2 and the Shanghai Auto Show a few months ago (black cars), and these production models look exactly the same.

Both versions are the same size and about an inch longer than our Honda CR-V. And both come with a 68.8kWh battery that can charge at a speed of up to 150kW. And again, both have a range of 510 Km in the local test cycle or 319 miles.

I know it is done a lot in China, where foreign manufacturers have different local partners, but these 2 are almost exactly the same with exactly the same specs. I just don’t get it unless they are not offered over the whole country. Who knows.

I think they are both pretty decent-looking and at least as nice as what Honda is offering here. it seems they would make a nice sub-prologue EV offering in North America. But Honda seems to have other plans for us that include the new 0 Series of cars with a production version of the 0 Series Saloon concept coming within 2 years.

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