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Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for the new Acura ZDX, Honda just released official pricing info for the new Honda Prologue EV.

And yes, it starts at over $ 15,000 less than the very similar Acura ZDX. For that extra money, the ZDX is a RWD model with a single motor good for 340HP. While the Honda version is FWD with 212HP (288HP with AWD).

Standard on the Prologue EX are 19-inch wheels, Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, a power driver seat with front heated seats, and Sirius XM.

While the top of the top-of-the-line Honda Accord with Google built-in doesn’t offer Satellite radio anymore. And the Prologue’s GM cousins have done away with Carplay and Android Auto. The Honda seems to offer both for some reason.

Honda isn’t saying what comes standard in other versions, but ultimately, the Touring model in other Hondas offers almost everything anyone will need. With the Elite not offering that much more.

These prices are surprisingly good, especially since the Prologue will qualify for incentives which probably means over $ 10,000 less than the prices quoted above for most people. A Prologue EV that ends up costing you around $ 40,000 is less than the Honda Passport. Honda doesn’t mention the upcoming NACS adapters that are supposed to be available this year, which will give the Prologue full access to Tesla’s Supercharger network. Another huge plus.

The Prologue is also much cheaper than the Chevrolet Blazer EV. Which technically starts at around $52,000 for the LT AWD, but is not really available in LT trim yet. On top of that, it has been ridden with horrible problems and GM has ordered a stop-sale order!

While this could be a concern for the Honda Prologue, which is closely related, so far the Honda seems fine.

I just saw a ghastly review of the Blazer EV from Consumer Reports that would probably make anyone stay away from it. Although most of the many problems came from GM’s horrible software, I wonder if the Honda is different. At least Honda mentioned the suspension was “optimized by Honda engineers”. Maybe Honda was actually quite involved in making sure the Prologue was as different as it could be from the Blazer EV.

if it is, the Prologue could actually turn out to be a success for Honda. Especially with this good pricing.

And again, from my personal experience, the Acura ZDX interior is not better than the Honda Prologue’s. The Honda seems much more honest by not trying to be a luxury car. While the Acura seems to try too hard and actually fails.

212 HP doesn’t seem much, but the RWD VW ID.4 also has only 201 HP, which seems to be OK for most. Although it is quite cheaper at around $41 000 to start. And the FWD Hyundai Ioniq 5 is rated at only 168HP. Although also a lot cheaper than the Prologue, but not qualifying for federal incentives.

I still think leasing an EV is a better choice than actually buying one. since it is such a constantly improving technology. If Honda can lure customers with a lease for under $400 a month on the Prologue, it could be quite successful.

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  1. It’s too bad the Prolouge looks like it was designed in 1990. Inside and out. It’s honestly the most boring EV SUV. There’s nothing interesting about it

  2. I wouldn’t buy either until GM figures out the issues with their EV’s. And almost $50K for the base model of a non-luxury vehicle? No thanks!

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