New Porsche Macan!

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We are not supposed to see the new Porsche Macan until tomorrow, but here it is!

These official photos show both the regular Macan as well as the “Turbo” model (in white). The all-new Macan EV is based on VW’s new PPE platform that Porsche will share with the upcoming Audi Q6 EV. It comes with a large 100kHw battery.

The more powerful Turbo model is rumored to produce over 600HP. The 800-volt architecture will allow the new Macan to charge from 10 to 80 percent in just over 20 minutes.

The new Macan EV will replace the current Macan, although in some markets, the “old” Macan will still be on sale for about a year.

Currently, the Macan starts at $ 61,000 in the US. Of course, there will be a price bump in the transition to an EV-only model. But it might not be that much, since the new model is in effect a replacement for the current Macan.

So far, I think it looks great. I was always a fan of the Macan and I think the new one looks even better, while still retaining the Macan design personality. The designers did a great job. This is just a great-looking car with no crappy-looking trim everywhere of a giant fake grille. Something BMW and many others seem unable to produce these days.

We will have more pictures and info very soon. Pricing will be very interesting…

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  1. I must be looking at different pictures than the rest of you because I’m seeing some incredibly generic-looking crossovers. Take any logos off these vehicles and their bulbous design could be from countless low rent Chinese carmakers. There is nothing sexy or even interesting about the styling.

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