2025 Honda CR-V.

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Honda will add an all-new Hydrogen-powered model to the 2025 CR-V lineup called the CR-V eFCEV, which is quite a mouthful, and something no one will actually say out loud.

This new model is something no one was asking for. A regular PHEV CR-V would be a great idea, but a Hydrogen version only available in California is far from what is currently needed.

I have nothing against hydrogen-powered cards and I think they’re great. But currently, Honda does offer a PHEV version of the CR-V in other markets. I believe this is what they also need in the US. Not an expensive local experiment.

The specs are nothing amazing either. While the Toyota Mirai can travel over 400 miles, this new Honda is only rated at 270 miles! Even the 6-year-old Hyundai Nexo gets over 350 miles. And the 270 miles of the CR-V include a 29-mile EV range from a regular battery. As, yes, this new CR-V is also a PHEV since it also has a small battery you can charge to get that 29-mile range.

And again, years ago, the Honda Clarity was easily getting 50 miles in its EV-only mode.

To add insult to injury, the cargo area of the new CR-V e: FVCE is seriously compromised, with a giant hump filling a large part of the cargo behind the rear seat. Rendering the whole thing is pretty much useless as an SUV.

It’s just baffling how Honda thinks there is a market for this. An SUV with very small cargo, that can travel 270 miles with very few refueling stations available in only one state.

This is a car that makes zero sense, but hey. It’s their money after all.

Otherwise, being a 2025 model, I think this new Hydrogen model gives us a preview of what an upcoming CR-V refresh could look like. I would assume the revised model will adopt this new front end and rear lights since I cannot imagine Honda designing a whole new front end for a car only about 12 people will be leasing.

Things are pretty much the same inside. The new Hydrogen model is only available as a Touring version, and it seems to be missing the sunroof as well. So, not much of a rear cargo, and no sunroof…

This is the CR-V Honda needs in the US: the PHEV version. This model is powered by a Hybrid 2.0 Liter engine powertrain and has a battery rated for a 45-mile range in the Chinese test cycle. Which could translate to around 35 miles EPA. Which would be very competitive over here.

Doens’t it sound like a no brainer ?

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  1. My guess – the CRV PHEV will arrive in coastal states first with the MMC refresh (in 2 yrs – MY2026) when we get the updated nose, and will be the first PHEV in North America from Honda since the Clarity. BTW – that should coincide nicely with having completed rollout of the Civic hybrid, HRV hybrid, and opening the new US battery plant. The problem with the HRV hybrid for North America is logistical. Either they convert some of the Celaya plant line (and train for hybrid assembly), import it from Japan ($$$), or insert HRV stamps/components/programming into one of their lines in the US/Canada ($$$ and lose capacity of higher profit products). But Honda is good at this. I believe its a WHEN, not an IF. I’m betting on Mexico.

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