2025 Mini Cooper Coupe.

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Here is another new car that isn’t all-new: the 2025 Mini Cooper coupe.

While the electric Mini SE and Mini Countryman are indeed all-new this year, Mini has chosen to save a bit of money with the “regular” Mini Coupe. It is basically a substantial refresh of the previous model.

The similarities are easy to spot from these profile photos. Whereas the 2025 Cooper coupe (top) is basically the same car as the current one (red car) with some of the new SE bits. Like the mirrors, lack of chrome, etc. You can easily tell how different the new Mini SE EV is (blue car), where everything is new. The 2025 Cooper Coupe is basically a current model trying very hard to look related to the new SE.

Same thing inside, where the interior is indeed new, and again, trying hard to pass for the same interior as the new SE. But the A-pillars are the exact same as the current model (2nd pic) with the optional speakers built into them. Unlike the “real” new Mini SE where they are on the doors. And the dashboard and door panels are actually different from the SE.

I can understand why Mini chose to save money and not engineer and design an all-new Cooper Coupe. It does look new enough to most people. Although the rear lights imported from the new SE look much worse on the old classic body. The interior does a good job of trying to be part of the new Mini family.

The usual 1.5 Liter and more powerful 2.0 Liter engines are back. The 5-door and convertible will return soon as well.

But the Clubman has been canceled and will not return after these messages.

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