Fiat 600 Abarth.

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Just after a few months, the new Fiat 600 is getting a sportier Abarth version. A much sportier version…

The new 4-door Abarth is the most powerful Abarth ever with 237HP. A giant power bump over the regular Fiat 600 e producing 154HP.

Just like the Fiat 600e, the Abarth model will not be coming to North America. It is also a very limited model with only 1949 of them produced, so we’re not missing much.

This will of course compete in Europe with upcoming sportier versions of the new Mini Cooper EV. But especially with the new Renault 5-based Alpine A290 coming out later this year or next year. The Alpine is expected to get up to 268HP.

The good news is that Alpine is scheduled to start selling cars in the US by 2027. The bad news is the US models will be 2 SUVs, at least at first. Who knows if we’ll ever see the cool super sporty A290 over here…

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