New Renault 5 EV.

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Just more official photos of the all-new Renault 5 EV.

It is great to see another retro EV, like the Mini Cooper or the new Fiat 500e. VW is really missing the boat 9again) by not even planning a cute EV version of the Beetle.

The new R5 looks really nice and is a wonderful homage to the original 1972 design. It will be available with 3 different power levels. 70kW, 90 kW and 110kW. The largest battery available will be 52kWh with 250 miles in the European test cycle., Which is competitive for its segment.

The new Renault 5 will start a 25 000 Euros and production will begin next year. Although the cheapest version will not be available at launch, as usual.

As I mentioned before, the interior design is quite busy, but also has some nice retro touches like the dashboard cover. And the seats look a bit like the ones in other 1970s Renault models like the R15 or later Renault Fuego. The baguette holder is a ridiculous idea. A desperate attempt to add some “Frenchness” to a new car. It’s as stupid as a hamburger holder in an American car. A bad joke…

With or without its baguette holder, the new Renault isn’t coming over here, and that’s really too bad. Just imagine a super cool-looking $ 27,000 EV before incentives like this in the US. The upcoming Fiat 500 e is more starting at $32 000. This would be a great Chevrolet Bolt replacement for many…

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