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Next-generation Chevrolet Bolt (illustration)

During an interview for NPR a few days ago, it seems GM’s CEO Mary Barra hinted at a next-generation Chevrolet Bolt coming up.

We all know the current Chevrolet Bolt will end production at the end of this year. The Orion Township where the EV has been built will shift production to the Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV. These 2 will not only sell in larger numbers than the Bolt but will also be much more profitable for GM.

Mary Barra claims the Bolt name has “built up a lot of loyalty and equity”. She wouldn’t mention more using the usual “we don’t discuss future product” line excuse. But she also said the move to cancel the current Bolt was “primarily a move from second generation to third generation”.

Which means there would be a new generation Bolt coming. GM just couldn’t wait to free up production facilities for the big EV trucks.

Mary Barra also mentioned that Ultium offers a 40% reduction in battery costs. Which could mean an even cheaper Bolt the next time around. The smallest Ultium-based vehicle we know so far is the upcoming Chevrolet Equinox EV. I saw it in person and it’s not that small, at all. It is about 7 inches longer than the ICE Equinox, and 10 inches longer than a Toyota RAV-4. Even at a rumored starting price of around $30 000, it wouldn’t be a replacement for the Bolt at all.

Many current Bolt owners are probably not interested in a more expensive SUV almost the size of the current much larger Chevrolet Blazer. What Ultium could add to the Bolt is much faster charging and maybe even more range. It could also be a bit larger and even roomier. But it could especially add an AWD option, making the next-generation Bolt much more popular than ever. And a true challenger to the upcoming compact Tesla. On top of all that, it would also use Tesla’s NACS charging system.

This could be good news all around…

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  1. The couple people I know that bought a Bolt really like it. I hope GM DOES redesign it on the Ultium platform – it just needs to be a wee bit larger, while still being smaller than the new Equinox.

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