Tesla Model 3 Plaid.

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The performance version of the revised Tesla Model 3 doesn’t have an official name yet. But we have seen prototypes with the “Plaid” logo from the Model S on them earlier.

The prototype above shows the really cool bucket seats we saw last year on patent photos. It also seems the rear seat has been revised as well. But the wheels like like the 19-inch optional units that were available on the regular model before the “Highland” version came out. Other prototypes do have covered wheels, but these could just be placeholders for a new design of the standard 19-inch units. Maybe? But why not use the new 19-inch dsing?

Unlike the new “regular” Model 3, a bump in performance is expected for the performance version (Called Plaid or not). Tesla could match the Modle S Plaid numbers with this new version of the Model 3.

Tesla doesn’t really announce when their new models will come out, but this looks ready to go. New Teslas just pop up on the site one morning and are listed as “available”, and that’s usually it unless it’s an all-new thing like the Cybertruck or the next Compact car.

We could see this any day now…

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