Tesla Model 3 Plaid.

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“Plaid”, “Performance” or whatever it will be called, a faster and sportier Tesla Model 3 is just around the corner.

The cars above were spotted in Spain and they are totally uncovered and ready to go. The new version will be the missing part of the Model 3 Highland that came out a few months ago, and just recently in the US, since the performance model is no longer available. The new version is supposed to be even faster and has new seats. You can also see a spoiler in the back and newly designed wheels.

Of course, there are no specs or pricing yet. And no word on where it will be available first or if we’ll also have to wait a few months to get it over here.

Speaking of Tesla, I just saw the revised Model 3 in person for the first time today at a Tesla store. (Which was right next door to the Afeela presentation I just went to). I didn’t drive it, but as everyone says, it seems like a big improvement. I really like the new interior and the obvious improvement in quality. The upgraded sound system on the base RWD model is also very impressive. The whole thing seems more comfortable too. The new red color called “Ultra Red” looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before. No photos of the video I’ve seen can describe it accurately and it is quite amazing in person.

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  1. what Tesla has gotten right in the Model3 is the overall package size – the amount of headroom, interior space, the footprint of the car, and the glass canopy. And its done well in sales when you consider its cab forward design, which other (yes, you Honda!) think cannot exist – modern design without a rear wheel bias look. Honestly, does anyone really look at the new Accord and say “wow, it looks like a RWD car!” versus “wow, that thing got big and weird in a really ugly way”.

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