VW ID.7 S.

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We’ve seen this new VW ID.7 S before, and those are just a couple of newer photos.

The ID.7 S is of course related to the “regular” ID.7 sedan we will soon be getting over here, but it is exclusively sold in China. In my humble but correct opinion, it is shocking how much better looking it is than the VW ID.7 sold in Europe and North America.

At first, both cars look pretty similar but you quickly realize the designs are actually very different and all the body panels seem new.

Just when I started getting used to the rather conservative and nondescript design of the new VW EV, this new version showed up, making the ID.7 look really stodgy and insipid. Even ungainly and awkward. This is another sad reminder of how VW is constantly making one bad move after another. We could have gotten a really nice-looking new EV sedan. But no…

It all started in 1979 when they started adding fake wood and cheaper plastics to the US-built VW Rabbit, didn’t it…

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  1. When? Late 20’s- early 20teens, when VW decided they wanted to be the worlds largest car maker. They started buying up all the other European brands, then decided to try to compete with Toyota and the So.Koreans for the lowest end of the market. Well, the only way you can do that and produce a European car is by drastically shortening the engineering cycle and cheapening the materials. Cars became just refreshes (after YEARS on the market). And without the ability to put more expensive components and upgrades, they kept pulling things out and falling behind the times. What do you do then? GIMMICKS. That’s what the IDs are to me. Yes, battery cars. The rest…. gimmicks. And since they know they wont be able to sell many in the US, why update it? They’ve already trashed their brand image here.

    Having said that, the ID7 sedan needs this update. It also needs the Tourer. And VW needs to correct their bonkers interior choices. But their CEOs are too busy grandstanding.

  2. The new quarter window and improved side sculpting improve the looks dramatically.. yet it still ends up looking like a last-generation Kia Optima.

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