Where is the Buick Electra EV4?

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What happened to the super cool-looking Buick Electra E4?

Sure, it’s been on sale in China since last year. Where it is Buick’s second EV model after the larger Electra E5. And of course, it was at the time, mentioned as a Chinese market product only.

But later, rumors started about the new EV coming to North America as well. Especially after a few prototypes were caught testing in the US. (Which doesn’t necessarily mean a US launch.). At one point, it was even mentioned that Buick would have 2 new EVs in the US by the end of 2024…

GM has recently scaled back its EV schedule for the US and Canada, and they’ve also been having terrible problems with the software associated with their own Ultium platform. The Chevrolet Blazer EV is still under a drastic “stop sale” order.

If Buick wants to get into the EV age in the US, it really needs the Electra E4. So far, the new Envista seems very popular with everyone who’s been t4est driving it. I personally think it;’s one of the best choices for the e price. Buick needs a stunning follow-up and the Electra E4 could be it. It looks even better than the Envista, although it is about 7 inches longer. It’s even a bit larger than a Tesla Model Y.

As far as pricing, GM just introduced a cheap[er version of it in China, starting at a bit over $ 22,000! The previous cheaper model available was about $5000 more. I know prices in China are not really comparable with the US, but even at $ 35,000 before incentives, a car like this would be an amazing deal over here just like the Envista is for under $ 30,000. An Electra 4 compatible with the Tesla charging system is exactly what GM needs in North America. And they can sell it at an affordable price if they want to.

I say bring it over…

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  1. GM would make it here in the same factory as the Blazer EV, Equinox EV, Honda Prologue, and Acura ZDX mostly because those will not likely fill capacity. There’s still hesitancy by Americans if they know they’re buying a Chinese made vehicle, and the potential of getting money back via the EV credit is a driver (even if the vehicle is more expensive). But I agree – this should be on GM’s To-Do list.

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