2024 Fiat 500e. US model.

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Fiat introduced the US version of the new 500e a few months ago but only showed the car in red. And announced more colors would be available later.

It seems ‘alter” is today, and the little EV is now available in a new Rose Gold color or black. The PR geniuses will explain the black model was “inspired by music and dressed in Tuxedo black paint”. It also features a 9-speaker JPB system with a sub that was apparently tuned by Andrea Bocelli.

While the Rose Gold color was “inspired by Beauty”. Bot colors come with a black and cream interior. Both models are available to order now ( Although I was not able to find them on Fiat’s US site) and will cost $ 36,000 including destination. For this price I personally think the large sunroof available in the European version should have been included, but what do I know…

The new Fiat 500e‘s main competition is the Mini Cooper EV. And that car is currently priced at $ 31,000 in the US before destination. Of course, an all-new Mini EV is on its way, at an unknown price. Although I doubt Mini will bump the price by that much…

The new Fiat 500e is rated at 149 miles of range. While the new Mini’s larger battery is rated at 250 mile in Europe. Which could still be around 200 miles EPA.

Either way, it’s great to see a choice in cute and not-too-expensive new EVs.

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  1. They 500e is adorable but the Italians should have waited for solid state batteries as it is smaller and more efficient than today’s stuff.

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