2025 Hyundai Palisade.

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This is just another collection of illustrations showing what the all-new 2025 Hyundai Palisade SUV could look like. And IMO, they range from bad to horrible. And even ridiculous.

I’ve posted 2025 Palisade illustrations before, and some of them were actually pretty realistic. These don’t seem to match any of the multiple spy shots we have already seen of the next-generation Palisade. Ending up in a series of laughable, absurd, and even crackpot guesses.

The first two look like they might have been done before we saw any spy shots of the real thing, showing a very angular look for the next generation. They look like slight updates based on the current model.

The third one is fantastically bad. A 5-second AI opus with the name “Palisade” stuck onto it. This might have been done by a trained monkey or someone who doesn’t even know what a Hyundai Palisade is.

The third one looks like a cartoonish version of the current generation. While it actually looks a bit realistic, it is all wrong. (Just like some of my family members and close friends)

The last one is the best, by far. And might actually end up pretty close to the real thing.

The new Hyundai Santa Fe turned out pretty nice looking and has even been getting good reviews lately. I am sure Hyundai will come up with something impressive for the next-generation Palisade

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  1. I agree. The first one does look like a Cadillac product (maybe the next XT6). The last one looks too much like a Telluride. The second one looks like a Honda. The third one looks like crap and the fourth one looks a GMC.

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