2026 Hyundai Palisade.

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2026 Hyundai Palisade Illustration.

The Hyundai Palisade SUV will be redesigned for the 2026 model year and will come out in 2025.

And apparently, it will be quite amazing. At least that’s what Hyundai’s Olabisi Boyle is saying. It will be a very different design and we “will be very excited” when we see it. Which is always good. They are talking about taking things “to the next level” with the new one. And it will come out in 2025. (Probably for the 2026 model year).

Hyundai claims the next Palisade will be as different from the current one as the new 2024 Santa Fe is from the previous generation. That means it could look like anything. They could go for a completely super modern fluid and almost futuristic look. Or they could make it look even more like a Land Rover model like the new Santa Fe. Since the Sant Fe does have strong Defender Vibes, why not a Range Rover-like Palisade?

No matter what, the next Palisade is due for a “radical” redesign that could make the current generation look instantly really old.

Who even remembers what the current Santa Fe looks like?

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  1. I do bc the old bmw looking Santa Fe was way better looking than this ugly huge box. Why are they trying to turn into range and land rovers. If I wanted that I would have bought that…. The new one is ugly as hell and if the change the palisade too I won’t be buying a Hyundai again as they will all be ugly

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