2025 Hyundai Santa Cruz.

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The revised 2025 Hyundai Santa Cruz will be unveiled next week, and Hyundai just released a new teaser.

The grille design matches the many spy shots we’ve already seen of the compact pickup. And as we already know, it will, unfortunately, inherit the revised Tucson interior as well. The US version of the revised Tucson will be introduced at the same time at the New York Auto Show.

As I mentioned before, I really think the new Tucson interior is a step down from the current model. And it is unfortunate for the Santa Fe as well. The 2025 Santa Cruz is rumored to look a bit more rugged, even adding an XRT trim. I guess Hyundai was expecting the compact pickup to be more popular, and their answer is to add a more macho look to boost sales. What it really needs is a hybrid or PHEV version, not a bigger grille.

But that doesn’t seem in the cards, although it would not be that hard to do since the Santa Cruz is very closely related to the Tucson, which has been available as a Hybrid and PHEV for years…

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