2025 Infiniti QX80.

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After over 14 years, we finally have a new Infiniti QX80. About time, especially since the last time I drove one, about 12 years ago, it already felt like driving something pretty ancient.

If the new QX80 already seems familiar it’s because it looks exactly the same as the QX80 Monograph concept we saw last year. Which wasn’t that modern, to begin with. Of course, it looks better than the old one. Which was very easy to do since the previous model was one of the worst-looking things on the road.

The interior is also better, of course, but somehow reminds me of a mix between a recent Lincoln and the 2025 Camry interior. I guess something in the dashboard. And just like the Nautilus, it has an extra smaller center screen on the console with a super large bezel. Which, in both cases, looks rather cheap and unattractive.

V8s are a dying breed these days and the new QX80 has a Turbo 3.5 Liter V6 with 450HP. Which should be more than enough.

And of course, the new model is more expensive, although not as much as previously thought. At $ 82,500 to start, it is about $8000 more than the dinosaur it replaces. However, the top-of-the-line Autograph AWD version starts at over $ 110,000.

I am not sure if this offers more than a Cadillac Escalade, which starts at a little bit less. All these mostly drive like the huge trucks they are, but the Cadillac has a fantastic interior.

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  1. The lighting elements on this monstrosity are bizarre and grotesque. For the amount of money that Infiniti is asking for this thing, could they at least give you something you would consider remotely attractive? The entire design is an exercise in extreme overkill.

  2. There are so many other options at that price point; better-looking options. It’s not likely people will know – or care – that this uses a version of the GT-R’s engine, supposedly, or is based on the super-rugged int’l Patrol.

  3. More effin’ screens? Give me physical buttons or give me death (from crashing at 70MPH after trying to adjust my HVAC).

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