2025 Nissan Kicks.

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I really didn’t expect a new Nissan Kicks. Although the current one came out in the US in late 2017, which means it was time for a new one, I guess.

I always liked the Kicks’ modern yet unassuming design. The new one seems a bit larger and more aggressive. Looking more like a bulldog. Nissan found a way to use very thin headlights, which means no larger lights hidden in the bumper like so many cars and SUVs have these days.

Nissan is claiming it has more power from its 2.0 Liter engine. But no numbers yet. The current model comes with 141HP. The 2025 Kicks still has a CVT transmission, and now offers AWD as an option, which will be much more appealing to many. And gives the new Nissan an advantage over the Chevrolet Trax.

The new Kicks is also roomier inside with an inch more rear legroom.

It will be available in 3 different grade levels, S, SV, and SR. Of course, the one pictured above is the loaded SR version.

The bad news is that Nissan still cannot figure out how to bring their Hybrid Power technology to the US, which is a shame. They’ve had it for years and yet, they offer zero hybrid models in the US.

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  1. I’m glad to see the Kicks updated. It gives me hope for Nissan, even in the present money difficulties they are experiencing. Carlos Ghosn did so much damage to this brand (all for personal gain) that I’d like to see Nissan recover if for no other reason than to symbolically kick him in the face. Having said that, the Kick’s’ demographic is younger females and they’re going to need to work on things like color, options, etc… to make this very masculine design appeal to those females enough to go with their brand. Good luck, Nissan.

  2. that’s a lot of … !!! for a design that isn’t any better or worse than most of what’s out in this segment by VW, Kia, GM.

  3. I think it actually turned out pretty good. The fact that Nissan made AWD available on this new version should definitely improve its chances on the market.

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