Genesis Neolum Concept.

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These are the official photos of the new Genesis Neolum concept.

While the concept has only 4 seats, it is a preview of Genesis’s upcoming 3 row EV SUV. Probably called the GV90. And let’s hope some of the concepts will make it to the translation to production. Like the super clean and simple profile. And especially the lack of a giant chrome Superman shield-looking grille.

The interior can go. Please. besides the classy 1st class chairs, the dashboard is just goofy and ridiculous looking.

Here are some of the official words Genesis has actually published, describing the concept:

. “The Neolun Concept was inspired by Korea’s iconic moon-shaped porcelain jars”. Or: “It’s the epitome of timeless design and sophisticated craftsmanship.”

It makes you wonder how we could have ever lived without it.

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  1. Watched a few videos on this concept’s release, and this looks awful. Melted jelly bean styling. As nice as the various Genesis production models look, this ruins that current design language and leans too heavily on the twin light strip styling. The interior purple and steel-blue paint color are nice, though.

  2. Reminds me a lot of the Range Rover Sport. But there’s a reason those are purchased by the wealthy… their tax credit status due to being over a certain weight class of vehicle. So either this is an electric for the wanna-be’s, or its barking up the wrong money tree. I’m just going to call it tacky.

  3. What a refreshing departure from Hyundai’s obsession with swoops, scoops, angles, and other goofy geometry. It’s like they looked at the Honda Accord and said “hey guys, what if we just made a normal looking car instead of slapping tryhard Lambo styling all over it?”

  4. I would say it looks different, but that greenhouse looks pulled from the last Chrysler Town & Country.

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