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This brand-new Genesis Neolun concept looks like a concept version of what we used to call the Genesis GV90.

We’ve known Genesis has been working on a large 3-row luxury EV SUV for a while. So far, it was thought of as a longer and even more luxurious version of the Genesis GV80. The new Neolun concept seems to change all this. First, it has a real name. A weird one, but a name. Although the production version could still be called GV90 after all.

It also adopts the front-end design from previous Genesis concepts like the Genesis X Convertible and X Speedium shooting Brake Concepts. This would be a huge and drastic improvement over the ridiculous huge ghastly chrome grille of their current models.

The new Neolun has the cleanest Genesis design to date as well. Another refreshing turn of events. So far the whole thing looks quite impressive and very clean and mature.

However, the interior seems ridiculous, especially the giant single front screen sticking out. The whole interior has a very “concept” feel and doesn’t seem close to a production vehicle at all. Which is a bit worrisome.

Is this thing just another cool concept from them that will never become anything? Will the real thing be the GV90 after all? A huge and boring-looking 3-row SUB with a giant chrome grille?

Let’s hope not…

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  1. At least Genesis has avoided the “thoroughly beat it with an ugly stick” exterior design philosophy that has unfortunately been embraced by Hyundai and Kia. The exterior design is attractively understated, well proportioned, and superbly executed.

    I agree that the interior design is probably just an example of concept fantasy and whimsy.

  2. I’m loving this boxy shape with smooth surfaces, it looks very classy and premium. However, they also need to invest in an ICE (hybrid/mild hybrid) subcompact for the brand. There are actually some PT Cruiser vibes in the design. The G70 is likely on its way out and won’t be replaced, so there won’t be anything in that $40K range for new buyers. The length of the platform could be used on a shrunken version of the Neolun (MB GLB fighter with RWD dynamics). Having dimensions of 74″W x 182″L x 65″H, while benchmarking performance, style, and interior space. The new 2.5T hybrid they are developing would fit nicely as the sole powertrain for the model, unless they actually develop a more powerful version for their Magma line. Bookending the SUV lineup would fill the portfolio nicely providing a choice for all segments.

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