2025 Genesis GV90.

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A more recent spy shot of the upcoming Genesis GV90 EV doesn’t show much more than what we saw last summer when the big new Genesis was caught testing in Death Valley. It even looks like it’s the same prototype with its camouflage falling off a bit.

From these spy shots, the illustration above doesn’t really look accurate. Since we can now see the shape of the ear part of the profile looks a bit different. Kia just released the EV9, Hyundai is coming up with their Ioniq 7 very soon, and of course, the last member of that new large 3-row EV SUV will be the Genesis version.

The Kia is already priced up to over $ 70,000, which means this new Genesis GV90 will probably start at around $ 75,000 when it comes out. That could put it in direct competition against the all-new Cadillac Vistiq. We will know more about the Vistiq next year, however, it is labeled as a 2026 model. This means will not be available next year, but probably be in early 2025. Cadillac just wants to make sure you know it’s coming, in case you are in the market for a luxurious 3-row electric SUV.

In my opinion, any 3-row SUV that is priced above $ 75,000 will have to deal with the Rivian R1S. The Rivian has been getting stellar reviews from almost everyone. Many even call it the best SUV you can buy. And it is quite luxurious as well. Something like the Genesis GV90 will probably appeal to an older, more conservative crowd. One that loves that giant disproportionate grille and a more classic SUV shape in general. It will be the opposite of the Kia EV9. For much more money…

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