2025 Genesis GV80

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Genesis has refreshed the GV80 SUV and added a sleeker Genesis GV80 “Coupe” version for the new year.

As you can see in the top photos, the front end is barely different. The grille seems just a tiny bit smaller and less obnoxious. But I think it’s still pretty bad and old fashion. Most of the exterior seems pretty much the same, except of course for the new “coupe” model.

Inside, I think Genesis just ruined it. The GV80 had a great interior. While the door panels are exactly the same, the dash now features a super wide (and very flat) 27-inch screen. This “race to the largest screen” is basically ruining interior car designs. This is now so generic it could be any other car interior from the various Chinese brands we’ve never heard of. Which is really sad.

And, unlike GM and others, Genesis put no effort into the shape of the screen itself. It’s just a super wide and flat rectangle. With a redesigned, much less distinctive console to match the boring screen.

I think it’s a huge step back from the current GV80. There’s now also a super cheezy “Christal” finish gear selector. Chasing BMW’s bad ideas doesn’t make it a good one. I’m afraid that from now on, every other Genesis model will be upgraded to the new screen, which in my opinion, is a really bad idea. Especially for a brand that was trying to be a bit different.

Powertrains seem to be mostly carried over with a few changes. Nothing electric so far.

Unless you are desperately waiting for the new “coupe”, I’d advise people looking for a GV80 to get it as soon as they can. Before the revised model comes out.

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  1. They did exactly what they needed to do! Fixed that god awful two-spoke steering wheel and left the rest alone. I understand where you’re coming from with the screen comment HOWEVER, have you seen the GM screens in person? Especially in Buicks – They look super cheap and are not actually one large screen, but two sperate ones. It ends up giving the impression of two screens with giant rounded bezels around them. I think in person this one will end up looking far more upscale.

  2. The only think wrong with it before was that ugly ass steering wheel – so glad they fixed it!!!!

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