Acura TLX Type-S video.

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I drove the Type-S version of the Acura TLX a few weeks ago. This is a short video with a few thoughts.

In general, the Acura TLX is a great driving sedan. It received very minor changes here and there for 2024. Nothing anyone will ever notice. What it should have gotten is a touch screen, like the 2025 MDX. But it didn’t…

The main difference when compared to the A-Spec version is the new V6. While it is a fantastic engine it is a $7000 premium over the A-spec version. And a $12 000 premium over the “regular” TLX. Which is already great.

And yes, the V6 is better, as it always is, but is it worth it? At $57 000 the Type-S is a pricey sedan. And probably will end up not being that popular in the end.

In my opinion, the $ 45,000 version is the best deal. It also still has the great Honda 2.0 Liter Turbo that isn’t available in the Accord anymore. Although, again, it is still quite a price jump over a loaded Accord Touring at $ 39,000…

On the other hand, a slightly used TLX would probably be an excellent used car buy.

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  1. The base 2.0T TLX is actually alot slower than the 10th gen Accord 2.0T model. Kind of hard to justify this over a 10th gen Accord 2.0T Touring. Especially when interior/cargo packaging vs size is concerned. The real problem with the TLX is it’s weight and size imo.

  2. The only problem with the base TLX 2.0T is the 10th gen Accord 2.0T Touring. Due to the rather porky weight of the TLX, the 10th gen Accord 2.0T has been proven to be way faster. Not to mention the better interior/cargo packaging over the (exterior) dimensionally way larger TLX. The Accord would also be way less costly on the pre-owned market. Even the 11th gen Accord hybrid is actually quicker than the base TLX. However if you want that 2.0T, the new base TLX is the only way to get it, other than the RDX, Integra Type S, and Civic Type R.

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