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Cadillac Deville illustration.
Lincoln Town Car illustration.

We already know Cadillac is working on a new large EV sedan based on an updated version of GM’s Ultium platform. A “regular” big Cadillac sedan, not the $ 300,000 Celestiq billionaire toy.

That is on top of a future smaller sedan. Both will have a fastback design. Besides this, no news yet, although we could see prototypes this year, which could be great.

I personally think Lincoln will follow suit with at least one EV sedan. Especially since they do currently have a sedan for the Chinese market, the Zephyr. EVs just reached 50% of the new car market in China for the first time this month, which means everyone will be offering them. Since sedans are still quite popular over there, I really think it’s just a matter of time until we see a new Lincoln EV sedan.

“Zephyr” is fine, but in the US, I really think using the “Town car” name could be great too. Or “Continental”, since the Town Car had become mostly “the car that took you to the airport for not that much more than a cab” in its last years.

For Cadillac, why not use the good old “Deville” name? I know Cadillac has been desperate to distance itself from its past with stupid car names like CT something, or introducing too many sporty versions of their models. But I think a large Cadillac Deville EV sedan would be really cool. Something that could compete with the Lucid Air. Which now starts at under $ 70,000 by the way. Which is what these large sedans from Cadillac or Lincoln should be.

Not some stratospherically priced hand-made luxury article…

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  1. Devilliq, Sevilliq, Eldoradiq, Cateriq, Cimmaroniq, Fleetwoodiq, Broughamiq, LaSalliq LOL

  2. The names “Town Car,” “Continental” and “DeVille” only mean something to old people. Cadillac and Lincoln want to attract younger buyers these days. Those names have no relevance to them.

  3. These new models look like they were created by an AI whose language model was fed images of 1950s show cars. They are beyond irrelevant and out-of-touch; they are the last gasps from companies that are in the business of going out of business.

    American manufacturers ‘luxury’ cars are its luxury trucks. If you are going to waste shareholder money, at least focus on the segment where you have a modicum of brand cred.

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