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Lincoln EV coupe illustration.
Lincoln EV convertible illustration.
Lincoln Star EV concept.

Two years ago this month, Lincoln unveiled the Star EV concept. A concept version of a future large 3-row electric SUV. And nothing since…

What we know is that both Ford and Lincoln have been working on related large 3-row SUVs based on an EV platform. Recently, Ford announced these 2 projects would be pushed back 2 years. (They will be produced in Ontario starting in 2027). However, a “next-generation” electric truck is still planned for 2026. Since the EV demand seems to be switching to more affordable EV models, Ford has been hard at work on a new simpler, and much more profitable EV platform that will give birth to a small EV SUV and a compact EV pickup.

Meanwhile, new PHEVs and Hybrid models are also expected. So far, Lincoln doesn’t have any PHEVs or EVs. The first plan is their version of Ford’s 3-row SUV for 2027.

Just like I mentioned a future Cadillac Eldorado EV a few times, why not a new Lincoln Mark Coupe and convertible for the EV age? In an alternative world, competing with a Cadillac Eldorado from another dimension.

A shorter version of the 3-row SUV platform could be used. Or a revised Mustang mach-e platform, with a much sleeker and Luxurious Lincoln design.

Instead, we will probably have a couple of more smaller SUVs after the large one in 2027. I don’t we will see another Lincoln Mark coupe.

Although an electric Lincoln Mark X would be really nice…

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