Cadillac Eldorado Coupe & Convertible.

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Cadillac Eldorado convertible EV illustration.
Cadillac Eldorado EV illustration.

No, there is no word about a new big Cadillac coupe or convertible coming up. Nothing on using the “Eldorado” name either. These are just daydream illustrations of a future that will probably never be…

I’ve posted other non-realistic Cadillac Eldorado illustrations before, and I think we do need to see, once in a while, what would be possible if GM was serious about bringing Cadillac back to the “standard of the world”.

We already know they are working on 2 new EV sedans based on an updated version of the Ultium EV platform, and a coupe would just be a different design using that platform. As I mentioned before, it also should never be a $ 350,000 car like the Cadillac Celestiq.

However, the EV platform is perfect for this large luxury car. The new Rolls Royce Spectre EV has been getting excellent reviews so far. As a “real” Rolls. A powerful super quiet Eldorado is what the Eldorado was trying to be all along.

Daydreaming doesn’t hurt anyone, does it? Next, I’ll be talking more about Cadillac’s upcoming 2 EV sedans.

And how about Lincoln?

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  1. Sounds like someone is a HATER!!! No way this is an eyesore. It’s beautiful! Don’t hate, congratulate. ☺️

  2. If only Cadillac would get off their lazy SUV-CUV horse (almost used the “donkey” version but the moderator might not be too happy) and create a luxury car ppl actually liked, we could be driving something as stylish as the cars shown here!

  3. We need cars…..GM…not jellybeans but don’t price them in the stratosphere…or your robotics can buy them . A transmission tech…

  4. Why aren’t you showing these renditions to General Motors, Cadillac Division? These are beautiful! And second question….. why aren’t you employed at General Motors, Cadillac Division Arts & Color department? I’m sure Bill Mitchell has retired long ago and don’t know who’s in charge anymore, but they definitely need new blood with vision in their design department.
    I would buy either Eldorado, hardtop or convertible. Especially if it was an ICE.

  5. Beautiful. This is what Cadillacs should be !
    Everyone laments whst has happened to such a legendary hrand .
    Why doesn’t GM understand?
    Why must we dream., as otter fsmous brands surpass them ?
    There aee no reasons Cadillac cannot- GM make outstanding cars .

  6. How come the Chinese get all the Cadillac large cars. I hunted for a 2020 C6 and found just what I wanted locally. I traded in my 2014 XTS which we loved as well. I am fine with Cadillac trying to bring on younger affluent customers, but they have forgotten about the age and income group that made them what they are today. What a shame!

  7. Advertising, Advertising, Advertising
    Cadillac will not tell the buying public how good there product,bmw,vw ,they advertise &sell cars

  8. I had an ’05 XLR, I expected my caddy to be dependable reliable, and a go getter instead I got a computer operated , primadonna, That couldn’t do 90 mph for 30 miles without sputtering and then losing its linkage, so after it quit running I couldn’t even put it in park make all Cadillacs as respectable and dependable and reliable as the Cadillac name not just a pretty, expensive,false expectation !

  9. They are not trying, look at the 71 through the 78 Eldo they where Beautiful. Caddy could do it again

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